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From raw business ideas to sound software products

While many organizations invest in new technological products, less than 5% of these solutions are successful in real-world market conditions.

That is why business analysis is considered to be a foundation that helps businesses get a full picture of how a certain idea can fit the market, speed up the development process, and increase project success rates.

The excellent business analysis services offered by Aiolane help clients define their goals and product ideas and set up sustainable growth vectors for their products from the start of a project. As a result, you’ll get clear outcomes, actionable specs, wireframes, and requirements to guide the development phase and launch your IT solutions on time and on budget.

Our Business Analysis Services


We'll analyze your business's needs, project ideas, key features, and goals. We'll also prepare a set of specifications and decide on what the future project scope will be.


We will assess your current operational workflows and business domain specifications to find ways to get rid of unnecessary tasks, improve your performance, and speed up your time-to-market.


Our business analyst team will identify areas where certain technologies and frameworks can benefit your project. They will also provide you with a report that shows how we can best achieve your project's KPIs at a lower cost.


Based on a thorough analysis of your competitors, we create an effective product quality roadmap, a value proposition that meets the needs of your target audience, and a market positioning strategy.

How We Provide Business Analysis Services

BA as a part of product development

BA as a part of product development

We use our in-depth knowledge of business analysis at all stages of a product's life cycle, from business needs and project requirements to software development, improvements, and ongoing support.

BA as a part of dedicated team

BA as a part of dedicated team

Our business analysis experts collaborate with your development team to ensure that all requirements are documented and prioritized before developing your product.

BA as a service

BA as a service

We use our expertise to help you develop a complete vision for your product, reduce the cost and time spent fixing bugs, and bridge the gap between your business operations and IT.






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Our Business Analysis process

Step 1
Project discovery

Project discovery

First, our business analysts collect all information related to the project, such as scope, risks and restrictions, as well as conduct market and competitor analysis.

Step 2
Review meeting

Review meeting

When the first stage is done, we set up a review meeting with your team to address any remaining issues, evaluate project risks, and figure out how to mitigate them.

Step 3
Requirements elicitation

Requirements elicitation

The third step involves studying the requirements for the future solution from users, customers, and other stakeholders.

Step 4
Requirements analysis

Requirements analysis

During this stage, we review all requirements, select the best technology stack, examine how the system will work, and prioritize product features.

Step 5
Requirements documentation

Requirements documentation

After all factors have been considered, we develop an implementation roadmap, determine the requirements for the solution, and provide a detailed cost estimate.

Step 6
Solution evaluation & support

Solution evaluation & support

Once the product goes live, we analyze user feedback, evaluate the solution for the best replacement or improvement of its functions, and manage changes.

Business Benefits


Conducting business analysis before developing an IT solution allows companies to pre-determine the scope of the solution and minimize the number of possible changes to requirements, which can significantly reduce project development costs in the long term.


In addition to lowering costs, business analysis helps companies increase their return on investment (ROI) by unlocking new revenue streams, identifying underserved needs of target audiences, and prioritizing functionality from a business perspective.


Effective business analysis consulting helps development teams deal with newly discovered problems by creating optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic scenarios and suggesting steps for each.


Business analysis helps reduce time to market by minimizing project downtime, removing unnecessary features, and reducing requirement changes. This, in turn, ensures high product quality from the first release.


Finally, business analysis helps bridge the gap between stakeholders and development teams as well as makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

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What happens next
What happens next
Once you contact us, we set up several meetings to discuss your ideas and determine the project’s scope, budget, and delivery time.
After consultations, our team analyzes your tech ideas to come up with the best approach that will help us achieve the desired result.
We then present the product release strategy and the minimum viable product (MVP). We also estimate the cost of development and the time it will take to deliver the product.
The project manager chooses specialists with the right skills, prepares and assigns tasks, and reviews the team's progress to make sure your product is delivered on time and on budget.
Our development team sends a status update every week, and when the product is ready, we test it on different devices, analyze bugs, and fix them.
Finally, we provide ongoing technical support and maintenance services to make sure your product works flawlessly and meets all your business needs.

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