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Focus on your business, not technology

As organizations adopt more technologies to improve their processes, they realize they need to upgrade IT systems and find ways to deal with the problems that come with scaling and managing IT infrastructure.

However, comprehensive IT management can require a lot more time, effort, and commitment than most small and mid-sized business leaders realize.

At Aiolane, we can help you focus on moving your business forward without having to worry about the IT systems that keep it running.

As an experienced managed IT services provider, we offer a wide range of managed IT services, from IT support to complete infrastructure administration and security, at reasonable, consistent monthly rates. With our subscription model, you can plan your IT expenses in advance, which will save you money and time in the long run.

Our managed IT services


24/7 IT Support

24/7 IT Support

Say goodbye to IT-related issues with Aiolane’s 24/7 IT Support Services. Backed with expertise, our team of IT support professionals will provide quick and cost-effective incident resolution to ensure your business productivity and efficiency.


IT Strategy Consulting

IT Strategy Consulting

We will help you find ways to improve your business by creating actionable IT roadmaps and giving you strategic advice on a wide range of topics, such as cybersecurity strategy, IT modernization plans, IT policies and procedures, etc.


Cloud Management & Support

Cloud Management & Support

Leverage the power of the cloud with Aiolane's cloud services. Our team of certified professionals will set up effective cloud migration, integration, and optimization processes to ensure effective performance of your cloud operations.


Infrastructure Administration

Infrastructure Administration

Applications drive business. That's why we offer full application services that include everything from application monitoring and troubleshooting to its modernization and the ongoing delivery of new features and design.


Managed Application Services

Managed Application Services

We will do a full analysis of your current IT infrastructure and create an optimization roadmap to make all of your enterprise systems, networks, and applications reliable, highly available, and cost-effective.


Data Analytics

Data Analytics

As a data analytics company, Aiolane can help you collect and analyze different types of data as well as build accurate and clear analytics dashboards that will help you find ways to improve your processes and boost your performance.


Managed Security

Managed Security

Protect your business with IT security services from Aiolane. From assessing the state of your IT environment to providing day-to-day security functions, our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide your business with ongoing data and threat protection.


Managed DevOps

Managed DevOps

Boost your software development processes, improve overall build quality, and reduce time-to-market by bringing your people, processes, and technology in sync with the help of Aiolane's Managed DevOps Services.

How we get started

Step 1


We perform a complete analysis of your current IT state as well as meet with your business and technical teams to gather relevant information about your IT infrastructure components and available IT infrastructure assets.

Step 2


Next, we create a detailed plan and decide on the scope, duration, and best KPIs to further track improvements in application operations. We also pick specialists with the right skills and expertise for your project.

Step 3


To keep the process clear, we allocate responsibilities, choose appropriate communication tools, define reporting timetables, and prepare an SLA and SLOs so that you can control our services at any stage of the process.

Step 4

Service Delivery

In case you approve the terms of cooperation, we sign all agreements, take over the agreed scope of responsibility, and start to carry out a full range of planned support services in accordance with the SLA.

Business Benefits


With monitoring, administration, and security services under one roof, you can be sure that your company makes the most of its technologies while all IT-related issues are solved before they turn into serious problems.

Cost reduction

Because managed services are typically billed as a fixed monthly subscription, you can request as much service as you need without being concerned about the bills piling up. As a result, you may plan your IT budget with greater effectiveness and confidence.

Expertise and experience

Hiring experienced IT professionals can be expensive. Managed IT service providers give you access to first-class IT professionals with all the necessary skills at a fixed monthly rate. As a result, you can allocate your internal IT resources more efficiently, saving time and money in the long run.

Focus on core objectives

As your business grows, your IT team will most likely find themselves overwhelmed with resolving user issues or fixing malfunctioning equipment. With the help of Managed IT Services, your IT team will have more time to focus on core business objectives and generate the innovative ideas that will keep you at the top of your industry.

Enhanced security

Security is everything in our digital world. Managed services IT providers offer security solutions that make sure your IT environment is resistant to any malicious activity. This includes protection against things like suspicious file behavior, different types of malware, unpatched vulnerabilities, and cyberattacks, among others.

Scalability & flexibility

Working with a managed service provider gives you the flexibility to scale your managed IT services as often as you want. With pay-as-you-go plans, you can decide to expand managed IT services during the busiest period and reduce them when they are no longer needed.

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What happens next
What happens next
Once you contact us, we set up several meetings to discuss your ideas and determine the project’s scope, budget, and delivery time.
After consultations, our team analyzes your tech ideas to come up with the best approach that will help us achieve the desired result.
We then present the product release strategy and the minimum viable product (MVP). We also estimate the cost of development and the time it will take to deliver the product.
The project manager chooses specialists with the right skills, prepares and assigns tasks, and reviews the team's progress to make sure your product is delivered on time and on budget.
Our development team sends a status update every week, and when the product is ready, we test it on different devices, analyze bugs, and fix them.
Finally, we provide ongoing technical support and maintenance services to make sure your product works flawlessly and meets all your business needs.

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